As the bird takes flight…

It starts off as a thought, the thought persists and doesn’t go away. You try to suppress it and yet it comes back stronger. As the saying goes, what you resist persists, so stupidly you resist.


As the bird takes flight…

You know this thought to be true, but the magnitude of its scope is scaring. You know it leaves you with nothing. The stories will go, the excuses will evaporate. So, you hide, you make excuses and you endure incredible pain as you know as painful as this is, it doesn’t hold a candle to what you feel you will experience.

Stop! Is this true. Will you really experience the terror and pain you are avoiding and if you do, do you think it will last forever. So, you guardedly come out of the shadows and feel this pain, it hurts, so again you run away. You’ve lost again, you are a failure. You lick your wounds and hide again.

Again, the thought intrigues you and you come out of the shadows, again the same thing happens, this time though it hurts a little less. Could it be the monster isn’t real. The possibilities could then be endless. You could finally live.

The light invades the darkness and it is seen the monster never existed. It was a play of shadows. You laugh, you cry, you let go and the bird that was caged realises there was no cage. As the bird takes flight, it is seen it is always perfect as it is.