Falling Into The Mystery

Zahir Khan is seen as a contemporary mystic in the tradition of Sufism.  Having spent eight years studying at the feet of a master of the Qadriyya school of sufism and then further studying and meeting teachers from the Nondual, Advaita and Buddhist traditions.

A lifetime, a journey all happening in an instant

What words could truly encapsulate this knowing. That is the struggle many have had when attempting to talk or point at this reality. Words by there very nature point at two and yet what this knowing is in actuality one. The elimination of all separation in which separation appears to be happening and even at times feels very real. So in order to break free of this struggle duality is embraced as another manifestation of this oneness.

The Sufi story of the grape in which a group of men argue over different words for the grape. It is only when one who understands all their languages is able to resolve the argument that we see that whatever terminology, method, pointer or way is used. Everything is pointing to this one reality. The seeing through of the different terminologies used gives great freedom and an ability to see freedom through as many different lenses as you want further echoing the sufi maxim of "peace with all and enmity with none". This expansiveness is your true nature and is available at all times.

Once seen life becomes a walking, sitting, standing meditation, for there is nothing that is not this reality. In the end one moves from names,terminology and methods into reality and paradoxically then the realisation arises that even when I was method, pointer and technique. Even when I was seeking. I was still this reality. Still this freedom. The end becoming then the beginning shows that as a rainbow may have many colours, as as we travel through the rainbow even though we may experience different colours. It is still the one rainbow. 

A lifetime, a journey all happening in an instant.