Living Openly…

I have been writing a lot about acceptance recently and exploring how being more accepting opens us up more to the flow of life. Despite my writing extensively about acceptance, something didn’t quite add up. It was while thinking one morning that I found a way for to go deeper into the reality of what we are and in this article, I would like to share what I found and how this understanding will no doubt impact my work over the coming months and years.


Living Openly…

To live openly invites all possibilities

While thinking the word “open” became predominant in my thoughts and a question formed. Although a simple thought something about it made sense to me and I started asking the question about current situations in my life. Could I be open to more people coming to my talks? Could I be open to more abundance?

What was interesting was the way the question, once asked brought up an emotion and that I was able to observe it from a place of openness. This place of openness was expansive and all encompassing. When viewing the emotion from this place, the emotion ceased instantly as it felt like viewing any issue from this place, as the universe entire rendered the issue almost irrelevant. Instantly it was seen there was only wholeness.

I had several conversations with a friend about this new insight and she too asked herself the question, could I be more open ? and found herself asking from a place of openness. What was of interest was that when she asked the same question, it caused in her a radical shift in perception and a quietening of the mind

To live openly invites all possibilities, it is expansive and entails living constantly and easily from a place of oneness. It leaves one open to the fact that in any instant anything could change, happen or any understanding could occur. This living openly also means we are living whole and as such very little by way of conflict occurs in us. As conflict arises it is instantly witnessed from a place of openness and as such immediately eradicates the separation between the issue and the one experiencing it. It is experienced and transforms almost simultaneously. All from asking a question when any thought, feeling or emotion arises.


I have likened it to open source code which each person will be easily able to adapt to their usage as well as add too.

It is early days with this idea, as it feels to me a simpler way to communicate and help us realise what we truly are, while allowing us to deal in a practical way any day to day problems that may arise in our lives. In that sense it is empowering as I envisage going forward a set of principles emerging from these articles and my speaking of it. I have likened it to open source code which each person will be easily able to adapt to their usage as well as add too.