Conditioning the Universe Entire

For many years I was told I wasn’t enough, by parents, by peers, by teachers. The tragedy wasn’t that they spoke those words, the tragedy was that I started to listen and internalise what was being said. I carried on listening and the number of times I heard I wasn’t enough or that I wasn’t worthy echoed in me over and over like a hypnotic command. You aren’t enough, nothing you do will amount to much, the list goes on.


“Give me the boy for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man”

We condition through repetition the idea into so many of our children’s minds that they aren’t enough and that they need to defend the limited idea of them that we have given them. As a young fragile mind listens and is moulded into an individual, that grows up with fear, anxiety and lack. The words of the Jesuits ring true, who stated:””

“Give me the boy for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man”

But what might you ask does this have to do with seeking?. Well at its most basic level isn’t a belief that something is missing, a belief that has been externally introduced to us to create separation and create “the story of me”. This program repeated constantly, causes us to internalise this “story of me” until it stuck into our subsconscious and affected our thoughts and behaviours.


Millions of these programs run silently in the background making our decisions for us, causing us pain if we try to diverge from them meaning that so many will never see what they truly are as the program scares us enough, gives us enough pain to prevent us from seeing. There is a myriad of programs running even now that are affecting even the tone and structure of this article and even how it is read and interpreted.


Can we become free of our conditioning?

Can we become free of our conditioning?, not eradicate it, as it serves a purpose and lets us function in this illusory existence but can we be aware of it, so it doesn’t conflict with us and we can drop its most insidious program that we are separate from ourselves and that we are enough. That conditioning is like an operating system which we have the power to upgrade or delete programs that do not serve us anymore. When we can see this and realise that ultimately, as consciousness we put these programs in place to reinforce or protect a certain reality and now that it is redundant. It can be let go.

True Nature

That our true nature is that which is prior to our mind. As we live from that state, the mind then is an aspect of us, albeit a minor one. As could the entirety of consciousness be encapsulated in mind - and if it cannot, similar to saying we could hold the entire ocean in a glass, that we can see the limitation of our thinking, become aware of it and even know why we do what we do. Then as we see the futility of certain programs we can let them go and keep those that allow us the fullest expression of what we are: The universe entire…