Aashiq ka Janaaza Hai…


Aashiq ka Janaaza Hai…

Words fail me as silence engulfed me

What can I say that encapsulates the ocean

Knowing this futility what I am I to do

All words are redundant

Destined to fail

Yet appearing redundantly

Yet serving a purpose

How do I go past this

How do I sing this song

Why is my throat constricted

Why am I caged

Why has the ocean chosen to be a drop

What wisdom is there in the lunacy of separation

What is that word that will bring solace to my heart

And calm my yearning

As this agitation consumes me

As emotions rises

As ideas fail

Thoughts are calmed

Emotions pass

Feelings dissipate

The wave returns to the ocean

The ‘me’ is no more

Who could have witnessed this

Who could even be aware of the silence

Who could commit this sin of two

And who is there to even know this…