Memories of Bosnia

There were several themes that came up during my time in Bosnia, the two that stood out for me the most were acceptance and effortlessness.  An acceptance of what is and a letting go of trying to make anything happen and instead seeing how effortless it can all be.  This was commented on by many at the talks as we moved from effort into effortlessness.  I was reminded of an interview I did with the website “Never Not Here” many years ago.  During our second interview, Richard commented once he had uploaded the interview,

 “Two people soften and fallen in sync.  Does one mirror the other? Is it just a sign of the times? 

Take a closer look for yourself”

It was this falling into sync that I felt we all experienced as a group, as the initial expectations and roles were let go, over the coming days we naturally dropped into effortlessness and acceptance and questions dissipated and we sat together in what truly is, this beautiful symphony called life showing and experiencing itself in a multitude of ways. 

Since returning I have been unable to really capture what happened over these couple of days as when I find myself trying to tell friends about my time in Bosnia I am unable to articulate exactly why it was so amazing.  I am reminded of my time with the Sufis when I was told I could read all I wanted about Sufism, I could hear all I wanted about Sufism and see all I wanted about Sufism but nothing would hold a candle to taking the journey myself.  TO EXPERIENCE…

In that sense Bosnia was not a talk or a weekend intensive but an experience in which friends met, memories were created and when all was said and done, we parted with the hope that life being as it is would one day reunite us all.  A tale of family, love and honour, a story that has no beginning nor end.  This story with its twists and turns is Bosnia and it will no doubt travel with me wherever I go revealing more and more to me over the coming months and years.  To the participants of this story I offer a heartfelt thanks.  To Di Ana, Milos, Tanja, Janet, Aleks, Biljana, Sasa, Mladen, Dragana, Nena, Ranka and Snezjana.  Each of you in your own way contributed to this story and I am grateful for our meeting and I for one eagerly look forward to our meeting again.  Thank you…