Falling into the Mystery (Spain)
to Apr 28

Falling into the Mystery (Spain)

The first of Dr. Lynn Hardy and Phil Escott’s “100% Carnivore… and Beyond!” retreats. Don’t miss this special opportunity for some delicious carnivore food, fascinating and informative talks, workshops, private consultations, leisure activities and the chance to socialise with your fellow carnivores and biohackers for three nights in a beautiful setting in the south of Spain.

We want to show how all of the insights from the diverse speakers ties in and creates the full wheel of health. Nobody has ever done this before, so get on board!!

Subjects covered in the talks will include carnivory and all the “… and Beyond” such as EMFs, artificial light, sun exposure, cold thermogenesis, emotional balancing and even spiritual awakenings.

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Falling Into The Mystery (Bosnia Intensive)
to May 12

Falling Into The Mystery (Bosnia Intensive)

Morning Sessions 10.00 -13.00
Lunch break 13.00 -14.30
Afternoon Sessions 14.30 -17.30

Cost to participate is € 70.00 for all meetings.
A translator will be present for all talks.

Price includes talks. Meals are not included, but we have an option of having lunch together with Zahir for those who are open to it.

For further information including address and list of local hotels, restaurants and travel links, please contact:
Dijana Ćetojević

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